Philip Turner in Full Scots Guardsman Uniform 1999


"When I was 28, after a decade serving in the Scots Guards I was given the opportunity to ride in the Grand Military – an annual horserace, spanning thirty fences at Sandown Racecourse in South-West London. Despite my odds of winning stacked at 100-1, I was determined to make an impression of sorts, and so decided to personally design my own racing colours for the event. Little did I know at the time the impact this would have in the long run, as it turned out people were so impressed by my colour choices that I soon found myself busy producing Scots Guards regimental jumpers for many of my serving friends. Upon leaving the army years later, I saw an opportunity to expand this enterprise into something bigger – from a startup in my room in a shared flat to a global brand that aims to take you places."


Since its inception in March 1999, our product range has extended from jumpers, ties and socks to cufflinks and finally, watches and watchstraps: substantial growth achieved not only through word of mouth, but also by the consistent demand of loyal customers.


Philip Turner Smart Turnout during Grand Military at Sandown Racecourse  
Philip at Sandown Racecourse riding Castle Warden.
The family crest of the Lion Passant, which soon became the Smart Turnout logo.


Smart Turnout is, in fact, a regimental term, meaning ‘to look your absolute best, and have a stylish appearance about one’s self’. The logo, on the other hand, is a family crest - a Lion Passant - which has been passed down through my family over generations - combining to reflect the quintessentially British nature of Smart Turnout, wherein wherever possible we try to manufacture in the UK.


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Our watches and accessories are designed with one eye on modern styling and craftsmanship, and another on the colours of our historic regiments and schools. We have a wide array of NATO watchstraps in different patterns and stripes, first worn by the Flying Corps, formed in 1912. The strength of our designs lies in their unique and colourful variety, and with interchangeable watchstraps, you can easily keep up with the modern man’s diverse wardrobe.


Scholar Watch

When I first started this company, I had no idea in which direction the business would take me. My straightforward aspiration was that Smart Turnout would reflect my British roots and be well-received, initially by those with a military connection, and later to a wider audience. It is with this ethos and a fantastic team that the company has evolved, and I am proud of what Smart Turnout continues to achieve worldwide.

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Philip Turner, Founder