We design and make a large range of alumni merchandise and clothing, which is available for many schools and colleges throughout the united kingdom. Using it's colour, each piece tells the unique story of the highly-regarded institution it is connected to. To browse the full range of clothing and accessories for a particular school, make a selection from the list on the left.

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  • Charterhouse Stripe Ribbon Half & Half Tie
  • Ampleforth College Mens Black Silk Tie
  • Ampleforth Enamel Cufflinks

    Ampleforth Enamel Cufflinks

  • Ampleforth College Silver Silk Tie Black and Red Stripe
  • Ampleforth Men's Striped Cotton Socks in Silver
  • Clifton Enamel Cufflinks

    Clifton Enamel Cufflinks

  • Oakham Needlepoint Cushion

    Oakham Needlepoint Cushion


    Now:  $61.00
  • Oakham Silk Bow Tie

    Oakham Silk Bow Tie

  • Oakham Narrow Silk Neck Tie

    Oakham Narrow Silk Tie


    Now:  $29.00
  • The Rifles Regimential Silk Tie
  • Radley Cufflinks

    Radley Enamel Cufflinks

  • Wellington Men's Colourful Striped Silk Tie
  • Wellington Watchstrap
  • Wellington Silk Bow Tie

    Wellington Silk Bow Tie

  • Winchester Brown Red Navy Silk Tie
  • Winchester College Silk Tie
  • Winchester Silk Bow Tie

    Winchester Silk Bow Tie

  • Smart Turnout 18mm Old Ellesmerian NATO Strap

30 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction