Household Division

The Household Division consists of seven regiments, The Life Guards, Blues and Royals, Grenadier Guards,  Welsh Guards, Irish Guards, Scots Guards and Coldstream Guards. Both Prince William and Prince Harry, along with our Founder, Philip Turner were all part of the Household Division. The blue, red, blue colourway is instantly synonymous with all of these regiments as well as the prestigious Ivy League University of Pennsylvania.

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  • Household Division Watch Strap (20mm)
  • Welsh Guards Cufflinks

    Welsh Guards Enamel Cufflinks

  • Grenadier Guards Cufflinks

    Grenadier Guards Enamel Cufflinks

  • Life Guards Cufflinks

    Household Cavalry Life Guards Enamel Cufflinks

  • University of Pennsylvania 18mm Grosgrain Watch Strap
  • University of Pennsylvania Double Thickness Wool Scarf
  • Blues & Royal Cufflinks

    Household Cavalry | Blues & Royals Enamel Cufflinks

  • Smart Turnout Signature Watch Gold | Household Division Edition
  • Signature Watch Black Household Division Edition
  • Household Division Fabric Belt

    Household Division Fabric Belt

  • Household Division Mens Webbing Belt

    Household Division Webbing Belt

  • Savant Watch Silver White Household Division Edition

24 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction