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  • Class, Character & the Cricket World Cup


    So, the Cricket World Cup is fully in the swing and it’s been a corker so far! Lots of surprises and a few upsets along the way. The charge from our home nations is being led by Ireland who had a couple of cracking wins over the UAE and West Indies. The tournament highlight so far has been a double century by Windies superstar Chris Gayle against Zimbabwe. Chris Gayle hit the fastest ever 200 off 138 balls. Wow.

    Chris Gayle - Windies Cricketer

    Well, Mr Gayle isn’t the only one who can provide a bit of class and character. Our range of British-made cricket sweaters are woven in the West of England. The sweaters are made from the finest quality wool and deliver a truly luxurious feel. You can choose your colours from our range and also decide whether you would like short or long sleeves.

    Cricket Jumpers from Smart Turnout

    Summer isn’t that far away and our sweaters are perfect to wear with your chinos or your cricket whites. Browse our range here.

  • NEW: London Piccadilly store virtual tour

    Have you ever been to our London Piccadilly store? Check out our virtual tour here.

    Piccadilly store London Smart Turnout

    Princes Arcade Smart Turnout store

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