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  • 5 Relationship Lessons from 5 Iconic Couples:

    With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we've been delving into the lives of some of the nation's most loved couples to see if we can uncover the secret to a happy, healthy relationship...



    All it took was one glance over the floor of a London Art Gallery and the iconic love story that surrounded John and Yoko began. The year 2019 would have marked their 50th wedding anniversary and although their relationship met a tragic end, their romance and passion taught us so much about love. Controversy followed this dynamic couple, from the very start, but no one can deny how beautiful their love and affection was for each other and those around them. With an impressive array of albums and exhibitions, not to mention, their public advocacy for peace, it just goes to show the power of love.

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono Travel on Escalator

    Relationship Lesson #1: Bond over your passions!

    White Smart Turnout Savant Watch For John Lennon

    Style Suggestion: Why not keep the peace between you and your partner and treat your John or Yoko to one of our pure white watches such as the Savant Watch Silver White Leather Edition.



    Let’s not forget that Valentine’s is as much about friends as it is about lovers, and the unlikely pairing of Disney’s Timon and Pumbaa, the gassy warthog and small-minded, yet charming meerkat, is enough to prove that you can find a friend in the most unlikely of places. Not only is their friendship enough to melt even the iciest of hearts, but their Hakuna Matata mantra has us wishing that we too could live life with a problem-free philosophy. Unfortunately, we’re not sure that Timon and Pumbaa had a 9-5 and bills to pay.

    Timon and Pumbaa Lion King singing Hakuna Matata

    Relationship Lesson #2: Learn to love each other wart(hogs) and all.

    Quirky Striped Smart Turnout Silk Bow Ties

    Style Suggestions: It may seem highly unlikely that a warthog and meerkat would be seen walking the streets in human attire. But, then again, if Stuart Little can, anyone can. If that were the case we imagine that they would probably opt for one of our quirky bow ties. Our Cornell Edition would look great on Pumbaa and the Winchester Edition, the perfect choice for Timon.



    Arguably the most rock and roll relationship of the last century, Sharon and Ozzy have certainly earned the title of an ‘iconic couple’. Despite a number of questionable situations they have found themselves in over the years, including throwing ham over their neighbour’s garden fence during a feud (yes, we told you, very rock and roll), they seem to have found the key to a relationship that stands the test of time. 33 years on and still going strong!

    Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Laughing

    Relationship Lesson #3: Let loose and have a little fun. Although, maybe not quite as much ‘fun’ as the Osbournes.

    Smart Turnout Master Couples Matching Watches

     Style Suggestion: In keeping with the Rock and Roll nature of the Osbournes, why not treat your Ozzy to our Master Watch with Black Leather Strap? For Sharon? A Master Petite with Red Leather Strap should do a good job of matching her hairdo. 



    Icons of the 80’s Johnny and Baby from Dirty Dancing show us the trials and tribulations of a new relationship. Scorned by her parents for not adhering to their strict rules, the pair proves that having someone by your side can light a fire inside you that you never knew you had. The famous line ‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner…’ is a telling one, proving that standing up for each other is a key part of any relationship. Had Johnny not stuck up for Baby that evening, the world would not have been blessed with the iconic lift that we are sure has now been attempted by lovers on dancefloors across the world…maybe at a few office parties too.

    Baby and Johnny Dirty Dancing Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

    Relationship Lesson #4: Learn to dance in the face of adversity.

    Smart Turnout Cable Knit Cricket Jumpers

    Style Suggestion: We are more than sure that if Johnny weren't a fictional character he would be asking for one of our wool Cricket Sweaters this Valentine's Day. His chest likely gets a little chilly, what with all those v-necks and vests he's seen sporting.



    Solid proof that blind dates can work! David and Iman are one of the world’s most loved couples. Often described by Iman as 'curious and fun', the couple shone a light on what it meant to have stability and even privacy in a relationship without sacrificing their sense of adventure. You couldn’t write it, a Rockstar and Supermodel’s worlds collide, a glorious mashup of sheer style, talent, and friendship. This year would have marked their 27th wedding anniversary, an impressive milestone for two of the century’s biggest starlets.

    David Bowie and Iman WeddingDavid Bowie as Ziggy Stardust

    Relationship Lesson #5: Keep your relationship private, without keeping your partner a secret.

    Smart Watch Red White and Blue by Smart Turnout

    Style Suggestion: Unleash your inner Ziggy Stardust with a Bowie approved watch. Opt for our Smart Watch Yorkshire Hussars Edition for a timepiece that mirrors his famous ensemble.

  • Suits You Sir - Tweed Accessories for Men


    Tweed could certainly be described as the honey of the fashion world, with its non-perishable properties and its ability to all too often sit in a cupboard until you realise how much you’ve missed it. Durable, but most importantly timeless, tweed has lived through years, decades, centuries, and yet remains a staple for Gentlemen across the globe. That is why, here at Smart Turnout, we have launched our very own line of heritage tweed straps in 4 classic colourways. The straps will offer a way to incorporate the rural character of tweed into your everyday outfit choices.

    Smart Turnout Tweed Watch Strap Flatlay


    Tweed cloth is renowned for its bucolic charm, with it being the fabric of choice for almost every country sport. Shooting, fishing, you name it, the sheer warmth and quality of it makes it a sure-fire bet for any outdoor sport where getting damp is likely; not uncommon when you hail from the UK. In fact, the colours synonymous with the cloth, including browns and greens, are influenced directly by the landscapes of Scotland and Ireland where tweed first originated. In recent years our old friend tweed has certainly seen a more current and unique revival. Now seen combined with modern cuts and forms it has been given a new lease of life, transforming it from a practical material to the textile of choice for designers and stylists alike.

    When it comes to wearing tweed there is more than one way to skin a cat – or shear a sheep for that matter. There are many things to take into consideration including colour, pattern and occasion. Most commonly tweed is tightly woven in herringbone, check or a simple flecked finish. Each pattern lends itself to different occasion, with a simple flecked tweed being most versatile and a great accent to an otherwise busy outfit, whereas herringbone would lend itself to a grander occasion. A two-piece herringbone suit would be perfect for a trip to the races, or failing that, a countryside wedding.



    When it comes to tweed, grey is certainly the most versatile. A go-to for anybody, no matter your style. A fantastic colour to experiment with, it allows you to be significantly more adventurous with your additional accessories. In addition to being the most versatile colour of the bunch, grey can create a cool, off-duty look, making it ideal for both casual and high class affairs.

    For a relaxed look opt for a grey marled blazer with the addition of shoulder or elbow patches in a contrasting colour, such as tan beige or light camel. This will help to add a rugged edge to a classic British silhouette.  A superb choice for a dressed down weekend look, paired with dark wash denim jeans and a lightweight beige scarf in a cashmere or lambswool. Add a pair of soft suede driving shoes to complete the outfit.

    Our Strap:

    Smart Turnout Grey Herringbone Tweed Strap and Master Watch Silver

    We recommend pairing our Grey Tweed Watch Strap with the Master Watch Silver and Black face. This pairing makes for a muted and masculine combination that would sit well next to a classic grey suit or a collarless black leather jacket.



    Brown Herringbone tweed is a show-stopping choice, a go-to for large social gatherings or countryside events. The races are the perfect opportunity to break out a full herringbone number that will be sure to earn you best in show.

    A common rule to follow when deciding to dress in full tweed attire is to reach for a 3-piece suit. Due to the busy texture of tweed it can often look harsh in contrast to a crisp shirt, adding the waistcoat creates a boundary between the blazer and shirt tying the outfit together and creating a cohesive effect. A single-breasted waistcoat lends itself to the heritage look and will avoid the abundance of fabric that it’s double breasted counterpart could cause. TOP TIP: Don’t forget to leave the bottom button undone, this will allow you to move with comfort throughout the day! Often tweed is laced with colours, pick out a subtle, neutral colour in the cloth and use this to influence your shirt choice – if the fabric has a pink undertone you could opt for a light pink shirt.

    Our Strap:

    Smart Turnout Brown Herringbone Strap with Savant Rosegold Watch Face

    Our Brown Herringbone Strap looks fantastic paired with our Savant Rose Gold and White Watch face. The Savant Watch uses a traditional typeface on a teaked dial, giving it an Old English character that looks handsome alongside the earthy browns that are featured in the strap.



    The perfect tweed choice for a smart slim fit trouser. The colour is understated enough to wear day to day, and the pattern allows for a statement that acts as a focal point of your outfit. When choosing a tweed trouser ensure they are well tailored to suit your frame. As tweed is a relatively weighty fabric, a size too big can hang strangely and take away from its beauty. Make sure to secure your trousers with a leather belt and match this to your brogues or loafers for cohesion. For the top, a simple shirt will do the trick. Layer with a merino wool sweater in a rich tone, such as maroon or chocolate. In the winter months you can opt for a stylish aviator jacket, think Tom Cruise in Top Gun – minus those patches!

    Our Strap:

    Smart Turnout Grey Tweed Strap on Classic Watch

    Our Plain Grey Strap is a fantastic pairing for our Classic Watch. The brawny masculinity of the watch's face looks great alongside the flecked black accents of the strap. A go-to for use day in, day out. This combination is smart enough for an office environment, but is also kitted out for some added adventure.


    You can shop the entire collection of tweed straps and watches HERE.

  • Men’s Knitwear Essentials : Bonfire Night Style  

    Autumn and Knitwear Essentials for November's No1 Event:

    Every year around this time, the team at Smart Turnout relish in the knowledge that the 5th of November is fast approaching. The days draw in and the temperature falls. Autumn is at last underway, and the smell of oaky bonfires graces our nostrils. With a biting chill in the air it is certainly time that the Gentleman learns to embrace the cold and invest in some knitwear essentials to see him through the crisper months. Too often, style is lost in the bid to remain snug and that, our friends, simply won’t do!

    Outdoor image of a fashion male model wearing bow tie in the woods

    Remember Why...

    Bonfire Night is a true indication of Great British spirit. Turning its morbid history as one of the most treacherous plots in UK history, in to a celebration of Britain and its ability to prevail in even the bleakest hour. In 1605, Guy Fawkes himself was famously arrested for conspiring to blow up the House of Lords. Consequently, since then, Britons have gathered annually to burn effigies of Fawkes in celebration of the plot’s unsuccessful end. Over the years, the skies on the 5th of November have been illuminated by the wonderful multicoloured hues of dazzling fireworks and as a result the evening has become somewhat of a social occasion. The night is enjoyed by families and friends, who gather across all corners of the UK. Amongst the Catherine Wheels, Rockets and Fountains, it has become increasingly difficult to truly steal the spotlight.

    Remember How...

    The British gentleman, as ever, should come to Bonfire Night prepared. What with Bonfire Night being of such historical significance, is an opportunity to come dressed to the nines.

    Looking to stand out amongst the bustling crowds? Longing for socks that will complement the bonfire? Frustrated at neighbours admiring the fireworks rather than your matching hat and scarf? Then you have come to the right place. Below are some go-to men’s knitwear essentials , that you should endeavour to remember, remember, this 5th of November:


    Smart Turnout Made in England Knitwear Essentials Cricket Sweaters

    All of our British Cricket Sweaters are made to order and handmade in England from pure wool. This darker, navy sweater is the perfect thickness for facing the autumnal night, promising to keep you warm without compromising your undoubtedly dapper outfit. The sweaters themselves belong to a tradition just as old as Bonfire Night and are one of our knitwear essentials. A timeless piece for any British gentleman’s wardrobe.

    Our sweaters come in a range of Autumnal colourways and available to purchase on our site.


    Smart Turnout Harvard Striped Scarf

    This double thickness, hand pressed, Saxony wool scarf will certainly attract admirers. Enviably cosy, this scarf has been made in the Harvard University colours. The dark burgundy will be right at home amongst the autumn leaves and the amber flames, while the white provides a crisp accent. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to have a warm evening on the 5th, this scarf will look just as good hanging loose over your shoulders.


    Smart Turnout Argyll Highlanders and Royal Navy Cotton Socks

    Understanding the importance of even the smallest details, we at Smart Turnout believe that perfect socks are critical. The Argyll & Highlanders socks, made in a high-quality cotton poly mix, provide the ultimate comfort whilst continuing the traditional autumnal theme of your accessories. Above all, the regiment’s colours – navy, yellow, dark green, and red – should match everything from the field below to the fireworks above.

    Similarly, the Royal Navy equivalent, made up of thicker, accented stripes of navy, red, and white, epitomise British tradition. Whichever you choose, you are certain to outshine even the burning Fawkes. Feel free to follow our lead and check out our other autumnal favourites for essential men’s fashion.

    Make this November 5th one to Remember.

    We hope you have acquired some new ideas on which knitwear essentials are crucial for the season. Finally, please comment below what you would wear to smarten up your Bonfire Night, we love to hear your own personal styling tips.

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