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  • Smart Turnout Meets Nicola Cappiello: The Young Gentleman

    Nicola Cappiello wearing Smart Turnout Signature Watch Rose Gold

    Who is Nicola Cappiello?

    Describing himself as both a business man and a young gentleman, we couldn't agree more with Nicola Cappiello. Making a name for himself in the world of fashion, his eccentric yet timeless style is a refreshing fusion of old school elegance and modern trends. Born and raised in Italy, Nicola is one of our long standing brand ambassadors who is an advocate for how iconic British style can meet with Italian flair. Our star influencer for the month of September, we caught up with Nicola to find out where he gets his inspiration from.

    Here's what happened when we met with the print connoisseur...

    ST: So Nicola, you certainly have a unique sense of style. How would you best describe your taste to someone who has never met you?

    Nicola: I would say that my style is a mix between modern and classic. It is very close to the Dandy or better, today's Gentleman!

    Nicola Cappiello Wears Smart Turnout Braces in Style Yale and Regiment of Scotland

    ST: A perfect description, we think! Having said that, with your knowledge of the fashion space, what do you predict will be the must have accessory for Gentlemen this A/W?

    Nicola: For me, the accessory that never fails in my wardrobe during the Autumn/Winter period are the stand-out socks. I absolutely love to wear these under both classic and vintage clothes.

    ST: Could not agree more. We love a good pair of socks here at Smart Turnout, as you know we have a great deal to choose from. The team have been wondering, your style is so unique, do you take inspiration from anyone in particular?

    Nicola: My source of inspiration is without a doubt the great 'lawyer' Gianni Agnelli. I adore his style. That being said, the person who really brought me closer to the world of male fashion is his grandson, Lapo Elkann - one of the most elegant men in the world.

    Gianni Agnelli Inspiration in Fashion and Style

    ST: Two great style icons, now we know your secret! You always seem to be networking at events with other stylish folk. Do you plan to attend anymore events in 2018?

    Nicola: I hope to take part in many events. I will certainly be present at Pitti Uomo and Milan Fashion Week. I would also like to try and participate in other events involving both the fashion and entertainment sectors. These are the industries I am most passionate about.

    ST: Ah yes, we see you are accustom to the world of television, so that explains the entertainment side. We hope you will be wearing your best Smart Turnout accessories? What are your favourite pieces from the collection at the moment?

    Nicola: My favourite pieces from the Smart Turnout collection are without a doubt the watches and braces (or suspenders, for our friends across the pond), I use them constantly!

    Nicola Cappiello wearing Smart Turnout Signature Watch Rose Gold with Suit

    ST: Glad to hear that, they are some of my favourite pieces also. We are actually planning to launch a new watch that is made in England, I am sure you will love it. I've been meaning to ask, have you visited London before?

    Nicola: Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of visiting London, but I intend to very soon.

    ST: Well, we can't wait to show you around. Finally, what is the one trend that you are most excited about this season?

    Nicola: My top trends for the Autumn and Winter seasons are almost always the same. I adore the fabrics of Lana and Cashmere mixed  with classic and eccentric patterns.

    ST: We can certainly aide in the pattern department. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to speak with us today. We look forward to having you as a brand ambassador long into the future to see how you style our new collections.

    Nicola Cappiello wearing Smart Turnout Master Watch with Autumn trends

    Nicola Cappiello is this months star ambassador. If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador you can use the contact form on our site to get in touch.

  • Smart Turnout Partners with SSAFA, the Armed Forces Charity

    This autumn we are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity - the oldest tri-service military charity in the UK.

    Who Are SSAFA?

    SSAFA provides extensive support and care to service men and women and their families. One of the key focuses of the charity is to help with the transition for veterans from their time in the Forces to civilian life. This can sometimes be a daunting and difficult experience. SSAFA's caseworkers and volunteers go above and beyond to help serve those who have served our country, with personalised support.

    SSAFA Tri-service men and women in conversation

    Why Have We Chosen to Partner With Them?

    As many of you may know, Smart Turnout’s roots are firmly based in the military. Not only did our Founder, Philip Turner, serve for a decade in the Scots Guards, but a significant portion of our product range is based on the historic colours of some of the UK’s most prestigious military regiments. Our close ties to the Armed Forces and the phenomenal work that SSAFA undertakes on a daily basis are just a few of the reasons we have decided to team up to help raise money and awareness for such a worthwhile cause.

    Smart Turnout Master Watch Petite Flatlay in Collaboration with SSAFA

    Which Watches are Part of the Collaboration?

    Until the end of December, we will be donating 15% of all proceeds from our brand new Master Watch Petite to help fund SSAFA’s vital charity efforts. Available in both silver and rose gold the Master Watch Petite is a modern take on our classic Master Watch. Minimalist and clean the chic, smaller face is perfect for everyday wear. A unisex watch that can take you from boardroom to ballroom. The Master Petite makes for a timeless gift or alternatively a wonderful treat for yourself. All our watches come with either, one of our iconic interchangeable striped NATO straps or one of our timeless leather straps, made here in England. This means that you can alternate between straps depending on the occasion or your desired look. So, whether you have served yourself or are simply looking to support a worthy cause, you can view the collection and purchase our Master Watch Petite HERE.

  • Smart Turnout Meets Jonathon-Brookes: Country Blogger Extraordinaire

    Smart Turnout's Ambassador of the Month:

    At Smart Turnout we take pride in those who care for our brand and who help to shine a light on the exciting lifestyles of those who wear our products. Each of our brand ambassadors has something unique to offer, be it in their style, personalities or simply their way of life. That’s why each month we will be focusing on one of our ambassadors and giving you an insight into a Smart gentleman, or gentlewoman’s life.

    This month we caught up with Jonathon-Lee Brookes; a country life influencer and the reigning king of tweed. Jonathon’s blog can be found over at JLB in the North, where he documents his quintessentially British lifestyle. His posts are peppered with phenomenal styling tips as well as interesting notes about his escapades across the UK.

    Jonathon Lee Brookes Wears Smart Turnout Master Watch with Land Rover

    (Photo from Jonathon-Lee Brookes recent shoot with Twisted Automotive shot by MJ Photos)

    So, without further delay here's what happened when we caught up with JLB…

    The Interview:

    ST: So Jonathon, tell us a little bit about yourself and what an average day looks like for you?

    Jonathon: Well, a typical day - a typical day for me that’s a tough one as usually not one day is the same, but it will usually consist of the same elements which include admin (emails, phone calls etc - the boring stuff), catching up with clients and usually something to do with the countryside.

    ST: That’s great to hear your job allows you to mix business and good old British pleasure. As a British brand, we think it’s extremely important to celebrate our heritage. What do you think it is about Britain that gives it so much charm?

    Jonathon: I mean we, as the British, are so uniquely positioned in that our history and heritage can only be rivalled by a handful of cultures. Along with that we also have a royal family that still maintain a prominent role in our society, HM Queen is a huge draw for so many tourists, officials and heads of state and the fact we still have this ancient institution makes me proud to be British.

    Jonathon Lee Brooke standing By Range Rover in Smart Turnout

    ST: A very interesting point! Definitely something to be proud of. As a brand ambassador, I guess taking pride in a company is a big thing for you. What is it that draws you to a company and makes you want to work with them?

    Jonathon: Certainly for me working with a company means I have to buy into the brand and what it stands for. Of course, I have to be enthusiastic about the products it produces and the market it's sold within. I work with a number of brands that I’ve developed a close working relationship with. Much like I have with Smart Turnout.

    Jonathon Lee Brookes Driving Land Rover in Smart Turnout Household Division Nato Strap
    ST: It’s wonderful to hear you’ve managed to connect with so many great brands. So, how did you originally get into working as a Brand Ambassador?

    Jonathon: It all started with both my passion for British country fashion and my Instagram. My Instagram started to generate a lot of interest due to its large follower base. This, coupled with my passion for country pursuits and the fact I attend a whole host of country events gave me the exposure to embark on this career path.

    ST: Yes, we hear you are a fan of country events. Have you got any planned for the rest of the year?

    Jonathon: In terms of travelling I will travel near enough to any area of the UK. I’ve had lots of events this year. But what’s left for me are events like Blair Atholl Horse Trials and Blenheim Horse Trials, lots of black and white tie balls. In addition, Shooting season has just opened so I’ve got a few weeks booked in Shooting. I guess you could say the next 6 months are shaping up to be rather busy.

    ST: That does sound pretty hectic. In that case in your spare time (if you have any, that is!) what can you be found doing?

    Jonathon: In my spare time I can usually be found walking, riding or shooting at some far-flung corner of the UK.

    Jonathon Lee Brookes wears Smart Turnout Savant Watch on Boat Trip

    (Jonathon wears our Smart Turnout Savant Rose Navy Household Division Edition. This style is currently out of stock but is set to return soon. In the meantime you can check out our full range of watches.)

    ST: How exciting. You must take a lot of your favourite items with you when exploring. What is your favourite piece from Smart Turnout and why?

    Jonathon: My favourite piece from Smart Turnout has to be the Master watch in rose gold. I love the face size and also the fact you can interchange a wide variety of straps. They make it great for when I am not sure what I will be wearing or doing on any given day. As you know, I have many Smart Turnout products which I’m proud to say I wear on a daily basis.

    Jonathon Lee Brookes on a Shoot wearing Smart Turnout Master Watch Rose Gold

    You can purchase Jonathon's Master Watch Rose Gold Black Household Division Edition for £119 online and in store.

    ST: Now Summer looks to be coming to an end, what do you think will be your Autumn essential?

    Jonathon: With the cooler months now upon us I can guarantee that I will spend most of it in a tweed of some kind. I think my field coat from Alan Paine has to be one of my staples for Autumn and Winter.

    ST: Yes, we can tell you love tweed. Other than being the King of tweed, how would you describe your style?

    Jonathon: I’d say my style is quite unique as I’ve never conformed to what is considered fashion. I enjoy keeping my style as my own creation. That being said, I drew big influences from country lifestyle - tweeds, shirts, coloured chinos the whole shebang.

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