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  • The 'Hitched'hiker's Guide to Alternative Wedding Socks


    Picture the scene: Your Wedding Day has finally arrived. You feel fantastic from head to toe. Hair is coiffed to within an inch of its life. Your bespoke, blue Italian suit complements a starched white collared shirt, with personalised cufflinks gifted to you by your Best Man. Dark brown belt. Shoes are a simple brown brogue. And nestled neatly into the sole of each shoe are your stylish, comfortable, BOLD RED and YELLOW alternative Wedding socks!

    Because aged dull grey socks do not a stylish groom make.

    We are gathered here today to talk about alternative Wedding socks…



    Whether your Wedding Day takes place in a lavish country hotel or a muddy tent on a festival field, this is one day that is all about you. It is a day dedicated to your shared love, style, tastes and personality as a couple and even the smallest details can create the biggest memories.

    We think a Wedding sock should be something special and surprising - a bit like a complimentary upgrade to business class when at the airport for your honeymoon.

    When you take a seat, have a dance or move in a way that reveals your lower leg to your Wedding guests, a statement sock can add a bit of fun and character to your Wedding outfit, especially if you’ve gone traditional on the suit front.


    Do you take this striped sock?


    Men's Striped Wedding Socks by Smart Turnout

    Pictured: Royal Navy Fine Gauge Socks


    When it comes to choosing a design for your alternative Wedding socks, we always favour a simple stripe. What’s great about incorporating a striped sock into your Wedding attire is that you can combine the colour scheme of the Wedding or a hue that matches your suit with something altogether BOLD, such as a fluorescent pink, radiant red, gorgeous green, or even a sunny yellow.

    For better or


    Smart Turnout Thick Knit Striped Socks

    Pictured: Royal Air Force Striped Socks


    We’d also suggest contemplating the thickness and material of your alternative Wedding socks - don’t make the mistake of assuming that one size fits all. Winter Weddings call for a thick warm cotton sock to keep you on your toes. Whilst a Summer Wedding begs for a fine gauge styled sock so you don’t spend the day sweating from your soles!


    Till death do us party

    On the day of your Wedding, you’ll be on your feet a lot. A comfortable cushioned alternative Wedding sock can make all the difference, so don’t skimp on quality when you go sock shopping.


    Smart Turnout Brogues with Striped Socks

    Pictured: Household Division Striped Socks


    Many grooms don’t even think about their Wedding socks and simply pluck some old faithfuls out of the sock drawer on the morning of their big day. But, if you’re planning to stand during your ceremony, walk around greeting guests at the reception, pull some impressive shapes on the dancefloor and spend the early hours propping up the bar with your new partner and closest friends, you’re going to need some serious support in the footwear department!

    It’s worth buying your Wedding socks before you purchase your footwear so you can make sure they’re the perfect thickness for your chosen shoe. Cramming your foot into a too tight shoe due to a thick sock, or spending the day slipping thanks to a thin Summer stocking is not our idea of Wedding Day fun!


    By the power vested in us…

    We now pronounce you sufficiently schooled in the science of alternative Wedding socks!

    And if you’re looking for a fabulous deal on your Wedding attire, Smart Turnout can help you find the perfect accessories for your special day at a very celebratory price.

    Get 3 pairs of socks for just £39 and a free pair of socks with your order of anything on the Smart Turnout website for a limited time!

    Visit to get shopping.




  • Meet Philip Turner: The Man Behind the Stripes

    Since its unexpected inception on Sandown Racecourse some 20 years ago, Smart Turnout has grown from a start-up brand running out of a box room, to an international business that aims to take you places. We caught up with Founder, Philip Turner - the man behind the stripes - to discuss the brand's past, present, and its flourishing future. We talk humble beginnings, UK manufacturing and even lemon bonbons...


    Philip Turner of Smart Turnout on Horse


    ST: Every business starts with a bright idea. What was the first product that spurred the Smart Turnout brand?

    PT: Well, back in 1992, whilst serving in the Scots Guards, I was kindly invited to take part in the Grand Military. For those who don’t know, it is an annual horse race held at Sandown Racecourse. It was great fun, although the odds were heavily stacked against me! As a first time jockey, I was certainly determined to make an impact. I had designed my own racing colours for the occasion which seemed to garner plenty of attention on the day. From there I found myself making regimental jumpers for my friends who were serving at the time. They were brilliant - very iconic! They had dicing on the front which offered a new way for people to wear their regimental colours. By introducing something new to the market it just spiralled and I found myself almost unable to keep up with demand.


    Philip Turner in Scots Guards Uniform


    ST: There must have been plenty of smartly turned out people around town in 1999 then. Speaking of Smart Turnout, we know the name comes from the regimental term meaning ‘to look your absolute best and to have a stylish appearance about one’s self.’ Were there any other names you dabbled with before finally settling?

    PT: I am all for a little bit of teamwork when it comes to things like this, so I rallied up some family and friends around the dinner table one Saturday night and made it our mission to end the evening with a name and logo for the business. In terms of the logo, we ended up going back and forth a lot – it started as a bird, then we debated other animals. After hours spent brainstorming, I was drumming my fingers on the table trying to come up with something new. At this time, a friend looked down at my hand and both of our eyes fixated on my ring which features my family crest – a lion passant. We both knew at that moment that the lion would be the Smart Turnout logo.


    Turner Family Crest of a Lion Passant


    The name was much simpler, Smart Turnout was a term I had heard many times whilst serving with the Scots Guards. It's a phrase that perfectly summarises sharp style with a nod to my military background, which was something I innately wanted to include.

    ST: It must be exciting now that you are celebrating the brand's 20th birthday. How has Smart Turnout managed to maintain its relevance over the years? Tell us the secret…

    PT: I know, the time has flown by! I truly believe that there are four key reasons that Smart Turnout has continued to thrive over the last 20 years. Those are authenticity, timelessness, transformation, and a dedicated team. As a brand, we have always remained authentic. When the business started to grow within a more fashion-focused environment, I ensured that we never lost our heritage. To this day, all our products still feature bold regimental colours, as well as those of other institutions. This is something that Smart Turnout has done from the very start. Although we adapt the merchandise to remain both stylish and true to its roots.

    We are not heavily influenced by passing trends; this is with the aim to ensure that if you buy a product from Smart Turnout it will serve you for decades without losing its charm. For me, it is all about creating classic, enduring style rather than throw away fashion. Finally, the team is the heart of the business. Every one of our diverse team lives and breathes Smart Turnout. At the end of the day, a business is only as good as the people behind it.

    ST: Do you have a specific product you have been particularly proud of since Smart Turnout’s inception?

    PT: There have been several products over the years that have stood out to me. The Officer and Military watches are both items that I have a personal connection with, given my military background. The Officer watch is modelled on the pocket watches carried by its namesake during the First World War. When pocket watches were being used on the battlefield it became apparent that converting them into wrist watches would be much more efficient, allowing Officers to use both of their hands in conjunction with checking the time. Soldiers would create makeshift lugs by soldering metal bars onto their existing timepieces. This would allow them to attach a nylon strap, much like the NATO straps that we sell today. I think our Officer watch is a great homage to the original timepieces.   


    Smart Turnout Officer Watch with Black Leather Strap


    ST: How about more recent products?

    PT: I am incredibly proud of our English made watches. It has been a long, and often hard journey to move a large portion of our manufacturing to the UK, but we are succeeding. It is an early step in trying to move all our watch production to England, and it is also the birth of our first mechanical watch which is exciting!

    ST: Smart Turnout manufactures a lot of their merchandise in the UK, so aiming to bring even more production to England sounds fantastic. What else excites you about the future of the brand?

    PT:  Yes, we are extremely pleased that we have been able to manufacture a significant portion of our merchandise in our home country. British craftsmanship is second to none, so we are always pushing to support the industry in every way we can.

    In terms of the future, we continue to elevate the brand daily. I will always stand by the brand's use of traditional regimental colours. I find it incredibly exciting to think of ways that we can continue to adapt and improve our merchandise. We are currently growing the business internationally and I look forward to continuing to bring a taste of British heritage to all corners of the globe. It is a fantastic time for Smart Turnout, we are acquiring new stockists every day which allows us to bring our products to many new markets and into the hands of customers who may not be familiar with the brand.


    Smart Turnout English Made Brunel Watch

    And just like that, it was on to the important questions...

    ST: You’re marooned on a desert island. What 3 things do you take?

    PT: Sweets, for sure. Lemon bonbons are an all-time favourite. My dog would most definitely be coming along with me. Twinkle is a rough-haired terrier; I opted for a very traditional English name. Lastly, I think I would take some matches, it’s always good to be resourceful.

    ST: Lemon bonbons? Great choice. Speaking of food, if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

    PT: Fish of any kind. Simply cooked on a smoky BBQ.

    ST: Ah, a classic! If you could travel back in time, where would you go and to which era?

    PT: I would head back to Victorian times. Either remaining here in London with a view of the old trams running through Piccadilly or, most likely, head to the countryside. I am a real fan of horses, so heading back to a time when horses played a huge role in people’s lives would be ideal. It would be utterly interesting to attend some of the Victorian sporting events, surrounded by gentlemen in their finest tweed jackets and caps.


    Philip Turner and his mother in riding gear


    ST: Would you rather know the history of every object you touch or be able to talk to animals?

    PT: That’s a tough one…knowing the history of everything I touched would be wonderful. I’ve always been fascinated with skill and craftsmanship so it would be incredibly interesting to know the history of how things were made. I think my fascination stems from my love of hedge laying as a skill, so I would like to be able to appreciate all the other crafts that exist a little more.

    Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting blog posts to celebrate our 20th birthday!

  • Alpine Classique with Daniel Horvath | Smart Turnout Meets...

    A look at Alpine Classique from through the eyes of Daniel Hovarth...

    Who is Daniel Horvath?


    Daniel Horvath and Alpine Classique wearing Smart Turnout Army Rugby Socks Daniel Horvath wears Smart Turnout Army Rugby socks at L'Alpine Classique 2019


    A jack of all trades, Daniel Horvath hails from Budapest and worked as a musician for more than 27 years. Three years ago, he put music to the side to follow his passion for photography, fashion and, finally, impressive beards. Making waves in the fashion community, Daniel documents his travels on his Instagram page @danielhovarthofficial. His beautifully curated feed is a nod to his photographic genius, combining gritty, raw imagery with hints of vintage flair. However, Daniel isn’t shy of the other side of the camera, frequently making appearances as a beard model in movies and tv shows alike.

    This March, Daniel travelled to Chamrousse in France for the 5th edition of Alpine Classique. A winter sport and fashion event that sees vintage enthusiasts come together donning garments inspired by the early ’30s to the late ’60s. A sensory overload consisting of classic cars, powdered pistes and very dandy ladies and gentlemen.

    We caught up with Daniel to find out more about him and his experience at Alpine Classique.


    Daniel Horvath on Motorbike wearing Smart Turnout Cricket Sweater Daniel Hovarth wears Smart Turnout Yale Cricket Sweater for L'Alpine Classique.


    ST: Attending an event such as Alpine Classique suggests you are a fashionable chap yourself. How would you describe your personal style?

    DH: I would say my style is a blend of vintage and modern. I like the dandy style and vintage look; however, we don’t have many vintage stores here in Budapest. For that reason, most of my clothes come from independent retailers that I happen to stumble upon. I visit Pitti Uomo frequently and the first thing I do is visit the shops and stock up on new clothes. As well as that, I have some designer pieces that I like to mix into my wardrobe.

    ST: Wow, that sounds like a beautiful mix of styles, you would love it here in London where vintage shops are plentiful. Do you think you take your style inspiration from anyone in particular?

    DH: I don’t have a specific style icon. As a street style photographer, I am constantly surrounded by fashionable people that truly inspire me – no matter if they are famous or not.


    Daniel Horvath with Signs at L'Alpine Classique


    ST: That’s a great outlook to have! We’re finally heading into the Summer months; do you have any essentials you will be reaching for this Summer?

    DH: I am rather fair skinned and have an allergy to the sun which means that even in the Summer months I always opt for long-sleeved shirts and trousers!

    ST: Well you always look very stylish. You have a few pieces from our collection; what would you say is your favourite Smart Turnout piece?

    DH: The cricket sweaters for sure! I first saw them on my great friend Loux the Vintage Guru. He let me try his on and after that, I fell in love and had to have one of my own. I am also a huge sock fan, so I am a sucker for the socks as well.


    Alpine Classique


    Mountains at L'Alpine Classique


    ST: So, let’s talk about Alpine Classique. It’s safe to say the office were very jealous that you got to attend! Can you tell us some more about the event?

    DH: Sure, it is basically the Winter alternative to Pitti. Stetson was this year’s main sponsor and they kindly invited me to join them. When I first saw the video online, I thought that it was a Stetson commercial, but it wasn’t, it was a real event! It was simply unbelievable, everyone was dressed in fashion from the 30s–60s. Many of the attendees were true vintage old timers. I had a chance to sit and chat with everyone, it felt like you were in a Poirot movie.


    Event Goer at Alpine Classique


    ST: It really does sound like something out of a movie. I assume it was your first time visiting?

    DH: Yes, that is right.

    ST: Did you have a favourite moment from the event?

    DH: Yes. Just chilling in the back of an old Pontiac and watching the world through its windows. Looking at the mountains and the sunrise whilst taking in the fresh air of the Alps. It was nice to just listen to the sound of the old car and stories about times past. Unforgettable Moments!


    Daniel Hovarths Pontiac at Alpine Clasique


    ST: How about fashion moments, what was your favourite look that you wore?

    DH: Unlike Pitti it is only a two-day event so you don’t get to go through many outfits. I loved my look on the first day, it was a classic, all-white look.


    Daniel Horvath in Smart Turnout Cream Tennis Sweater


    With Daniel's favourite look from the event featuring our iconic cricket sweater, it is safe to say that they are on their way to taking over the world. If you want to shop our full collection of sweaters we have plenty to offer HERE. In the meantime, comment below if you will be attending the next Alpine Classique!

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